Dragon Ball Rage Auto Farm Roblox Script

1 year ago
Dragon Ball Rage Auto Farm Roblox Script

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About Dragon Ball Rage :

Pretty much everything about this character is solid for me, his attacks and supers are incredibly cool (pun intended) and his voice lines are intimadating as they should be. Except for the one voice clip when he uses death flash where he sounds like a schoolgirl in coolers body. Dunno for sure how well he works with Zamasu and Black, but thats my team and I don’t regret buying him. If you like going straight through projectiles and hate zoners, this is the man for you. On an unrelated note THIS MANS THIGHS ARE RIDICULOUS. Thick thighs save lives? More like #ThickThighsEndLives when it’s cooler, this man got them LEGS.

P.S. this review is half serious, half joking, I personally think he’s pretty good.

No clue why people say he’s like Frieza when they play nothing alike.

Cooler is a Poweresque style character with great defensive tools. His DP has iframes and his lvl.3 when on the ground becomes an amazing reversal as he enters a counter stance, in the air it becomes a grab.

Cooler’s main strengths is that he got good reach on many of his normals and his ability to pass through projectiles and get the opponent into the corner (lvl1 super, 5H)

He also has an interesting gameplay with his divekick. And overall his attacks feels very meaty and satisfying, with some brutal close ups when pushes his opponents face into the ground with his dive kick or sending them into the ground with his backhand elbow blow.

A lot of fun if you keep beefy boys. But his size means hes susceptible of getting fuzzied like Broly. And his projectile game is fairly weak (no ki spam and probably the longest wind up for a beam attack in the game meaning he cant rival other beams with his own, but remember he can pass through beams with the right moves).

Not top tier, but if you like Cooler aesthetically and is OK with an “Average” strong character, he’s a safe purchase.

How to run Dragon Ball Rage  roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  3. Run The Script Via Your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra etc)
  4. Enjoy 🙂

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